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Sample Florida Real Estate Training Courses

Florida Real Estate License - Ultimate 63 Hour Pre-License Salesperson Course      
This package contains the following training material
  • Florida Real Estate License 63 Hour Pre-License Salesperson Course
  • Free: Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Course
  • Free: Online Real Estate Math Course -
This Florida Pre-License Real Estate Training Course is a 63-hour course required by the Florida.
Real Estate Commission (FREC) for anyone who wishes to obtain a Florida real estate license. Our course utilizes interactive technology and audio in an appealing way that facilitates the learning of the comprehensive, state-required topics of real estate principles for salespersons.

Florida Real Estate  Exam Prep - Broker   
PSI – National Questions for Florida Brokers
Our Florida Real Estate Training group has an Exam Prep for Florida Real Estate Broker Candidates Based upon the Required Promissor Exam
This exam prep is provided to those students who are preparing to take the state-mandated exam to become Real Estate Brokers in Florida. It is not an official or otherwise sanctioned testing mechanism, and is meant merely to provide a determination of your preparedness for taking the Proctored Exam given by PROMISSOR in Texas. This is the national portion of the exam. In order for this testing module to be truly effective you should have completed broker educational coursework. See FREC regulations. RE License Training for Florida

Florida  Real Estate Exam Prep -   Salesperson
Our Florida Real Estate Training group also has An Exam Prep for Florida Real Estate License Candidates Based upon the Required PROMISSOR Exam
This exam prep is provided to those students who are preparing to take the state-mandated exam to become Real Estate Licensees in Florida.

Florida Law  
The focus of this module is to refresh legal concepts and their importance in the practice of real estate. For instance, because of the many divergent types of businesses and people that a brokerage deals with, it is essential that licensed sales associates and broker associates as well as brokers themselves are sufficiently knowledgeable about the laws regulating their profession. This module is designed to explore some of these distinctions as well as some of the general obligations of these individual licensees.
This module covers a broad range of issues related to license law.

Contracts, Purchase and Sales Agreements  
Agreement is an essential component in the legal transference of ownership. In real estate, contracts are the instruments by which agreements are reached for the conveyance of property. Whether a salesperson is promising to sell a property within a specified period of time, a prospective buyer is placing an offer on a house or a seller is considering an offer on property, some type of contract is involved.

In this Contracts course, the student learns about the types of general contracts as well as the different kinds of real estate contracts. The module begins by providing the student with an overview of the various types of contracts: bilateral, unilateral, implied, express, executed, executory, valid, void, voidable and unenforceable. Once the student is introduced to the different types of contracts, he or she learns what makes a contract legally enforceable, this being the five components that make a contract valid: mutual assent, legally competent parties, consideration, lawful objective and adherence to a statute of frauds.

​2014 looks like another good year for Florida real estate, but ...

Published: Monday, February 10, 2014 at 1:00 a.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 4:52 p.m.
The first of two columns looking at 2014.

Last month I analyzed some of the top real estate stories of 2013. Now, it's time to dust off the crystal ball and look ahead at what I foresee will happen in Florida's real estate markets and economy this year.

I'm going to discuss two markets in this and my next column. First up is South Florida. Next month, I'll forecast events and trends for Greater Sarasota and Tampa.

Both markets share similarities and very distinctive differences, yet are interconnected.

Here's what I am predicting will happen in Florida's largest population center and real estate market.

Prices will continue to rise, but at a slower pace

According to local real estate association data, South Florida single-family home prices increased by 21 percent last year, while condominiums skyrocketed by 28 percent in market value. Residential price gains, similar to last decade's boom, were among the highest in the nation, according to the Case Shiller Index and other credible sales data providers.

Historically, in normal market conditions, residential real estate prices appreciate by 3 percent to 5 percent per year. In 2013 alone, South Florida real estate increased by the equivalent of seven to eight years of what is considered normal.

It's my forecast that single-family homes in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties will increase in value by 6 to 8 percent during 2014.

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OnlineSchoolRoom and 360training have joined forces to provide the best online education available  for your Florida Real Estate License (or Florida real estate continuing education) and all according to FREC standards.
  • Highly rated online real estate school for Real Estate License or Continuing Education
  • Save time by taking classes when you want to - according to YOUR schedule
  • Our courses are designed to help you become successful in your first year and beyond.
  • All courses are approved by FREC, the Florida Real Estate Commission.
  • Highest quality courses approved by ARELLO for excellence in course delivery.
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This isn't just another online course - it's an entire real estate career plan from training, to passing your exam, to getting hired!  Enroll Now!
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Ultimate Package-4 courses
  • Using Internet to Serve Clients
  • Real Estate Math
  • Florida Prelicense Salesperson
  • Florida Real Estate Salesman Exam Prep

Premium Package-  2 courses
  • Florida Prelicense Salesperson
  • Florida Real Estate Salesman Exam Prep

Basic Package -  1 course
  • Florida Prelicense Salesperson

The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) requires 63 hours of Pre-License coursework. Our florida real estate license training package fulfills this requirement, and makes sure that you are prepared to pass the state exam.

Get your Florida Real Estate License Now!
Online SchoolRoom in collaboration with 360training is not only a web based real estate school, we are a leading pioneer in Internet-based education for the real estate industry. With over 400 industry specific courseware titles in our library, our content covers the gamut from continuing education to pre-licensing, examination preparation and sales training - all in compliance with FREC.

Florida  Real Estate License and Florida Real Estate Continuing Education Online
Our comprehensive library of courses, e-books, textbooks, and other educational resources is continuously being expanded and updated. This is in line with our commitment to ensure that our students receive the best possible real estate training to help them prepare for a new career, pass the state exam, renew their license, and achieve greater success in their fields.

Welcome to Florida  Real Estate License training.  We are one of the nation's largest providers of real estate pre-license training. See our contact us page for information about our company and our sitemap page to easily navigate the site.. We offer 24/7 support to our customers. In addition to real estate license training, we offer continuing ed courses for mortgage and title insurance. Our Florida Real Estate License coursesare the best around.  Our exam prep courses ensure you are prepared for the Florida and/or National exams.  Florida's Online Real Estate School.  Florida  License Online

Florida real estate training
Florida Real Estate Training
  • Real Estate License
  • Real Estate Exam Prep
  • Real Estate Post License
Florida real estate licence training
Florida real estate license
Florida Real Estate Training
Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Post License
Our 45-hr post license course starts with an examination of brokerage relationships in Florida, broker duties, required brokerage disclosures, and brokerage relationship transitions as well as an update of Florida real estate law and an overview of other federal and state laws affecting real estate. The third part covers business ethics, the REALTORS® Code of Ethics, license renewal, education, business planning, and career goals. Next, students will explore marketing, online advertising, social media trends, blogging and how social media can be used to enhance a real estate business. Our course examines property valuation with an overview of value characteristics, appraisal methods, comparative market analysis, depreciation, and the forces driving the real estate market. Parts 6 and 7 cover listing & marketing property, property disclosures, and representing buyers. Types of contracts are also discussed along with the differences between the FAR/BAR contract & the AS-IS contract. The financing parts delve into types of alternative financing, types of mortgages, the loan process, amortizations, private mortgage insurance, and FHA & VA loans. Next the sections on the closing process examine title insurance, escrow, the role of the licensee at the closing, estimating closing costs, common expenses, required disclosures, documents, proration of expenses, and the HUD-1 Settlement Statement. Our students will learn how to analyze real estate investment opportunities, discuss sources of investment capital, explain short sales and foreclosures, and describe the benefit of a 1031 exchange. The last part in our course covers professional property management, including lessons about leases, qualifying tenants, lease negotiations, required disclosures, and tenant relations.
Part  1: Brokerage Relationships and License Law Updated
Part  2: Federal and Florida State Laws Affecting Real Estate
Part  3: Real Estate Ethics, Education, and Planning
Part  4: Information Technology
Part  5: Valuing Residential Property
Part  6: Listing Real Property
Part  7: Working with Buyers
Part  8: Sales Contracts
Part  9: Exploring Mortgage Alternatives
Part  10: Acquiring Financing for the Property
Part  11: The Closing Process
Part  12: The Closing Statement
Part  13: Analyzing Real Estate Investments
Part  14: Professional Property Management

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